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We apply interactive lecturing that brings together aspects of active learning, formative assessment, and other methodologies and techniques to provide a dialogic experience where students actively engage in the lecture component of the course.

• Sustainability & The Global Great Challenges
• Leveraging corporate sustainability to drive business and societal value
• Sustainability: Strategies and Opportunities for Industry
• Sustainable Infrastructure: Planning and Operations
• Cities, resources, and the global economy
• The three pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals: Social, Economic and Environmental
• The External Actors: Institutions and Stakeholders
• Multinational Enterprises, Governance and Leadership
• Sustainable Business and Economics
• Circular Economy
• Planning: Decision Analysis with Multiple Objectives
• Measuring and Monitoring: Target Setting and Monitoring
• Adaptability for Sustainability, Sustainable Development and the Grand Transition
• Environmental Impact Analysis
• Marketing for a Sustainable World
• Cost of Sustainability
• Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability
• International Development and Sustainability

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